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Instead of chasing down the latest trends, many of us pick a look that works and stick with it, not just for one season, but possibly for years. 
This means that brands that provide reliable, consistent collections will have the opportunity to secure customer loyalty. But to win this loyalty, brands have to deliver on their brand promise and understand attitude. It’s all about attitude.  Brands that grasp this undoubtedly reach a ripe old age themselves and earn the right to call one or more of their collection pieces “vintage”. Become a member and share your favorite vintage jeans with us by becoming a member.

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jeans, denim, alterations, hem, alter, take in, invisible weaveDenim Revival
- Tal Flanchraych

Andra is a partner at Denim Revival (formerly Denim Doctors), the store celebrities and fashionistas flock to for all their denim repair and hemming needs. I sat down with her on a Friday afternoon to talk about the store and all things denim:

T: How did you end up working in denim?
A: I started in retail when I was 16 years old and I’ve always worked in the denim departments of companies, and when I got the opportunity to work at Denim Doctors I jumped at it. As far as learning the art, it’s just through education, through my partner who knows a ton about denim. Also, learning through my tailors about how to construct it… It’s basically just observation and time in the business.

jeans, denim, denim revival, denim doctorT: So tell me about your repair shop.
A: In our alteration area, where all the magic happens, we have about 4 or 5 machines set up for denim especially, and we’re actually in the process of moving them to a larger space because of our increase in demand for repairs. Basically, this is where it all happens, where we store all of our denim-- this is where we get it ready and out the door for people to pick up their beautiful jeans.

T: What do most people come in for?
A: The most common repair at Denim Revival is the invisible weave, which is where we take a hole and we match the denim with threads and weave it back together. That’s the most common, we also do thousands of hems…. Basically, our repairs is what we’re really known for, as well as our alterations.

T: You’re known in Hollywood and around the nation as the best place to go for denim work. Do a lot of well-known people come to Denim Revival?
A: Our celebrity clientele consists of a lot of rockers and hip, on-the-edge celebrities. We have Drew Barrymore, Renee Zellweger… a lot of our celebrities bring in their assistants to drop things off because they have such a busy schedule. Lenny Kravitz came in once.

T: So as a jeans expert, what do you foresee to be the upcoming trends in denim?
A: The new trend in denim, at least for spring, is the high-waisted 70s bellbottoms. A lot of designers are taking those, like Grey Ant and Chloe, and a lot of celebrities and models at high-fashion shows have been wearing high-waisted jeans, I’ve noticed. I think that trend is going to come back, a little bit more flare, a little higher waisted. I think the skinny jean will still be around for a little while but I think it’s kind of losing its fade right now, and bootcut will always be popular.

denim, jeans, alterations, hemT: Who are the most influential people and brands in denim today?
A: I think that the trendsetting jeans of today are the high-fashion designer jeans—Marc Jacobs, Chloe, they will start something on the runway, and the jean lines will pick up on it. Adriano Goldschmied has also been a huge trendsetter as far as the way the cuts are, and the fades and colors that are used.

T: What tips can you give us about taking care of denim? How can I make my jeans look good for as long as possible?
A: Our tips for taking care of denim is to wash it inside out in cold water, always hang it to dry. If you’re going to use a dryer, at least do a tumble dry and not a really high heat unless you’re trying to shrink the jean—it keeps the integrity of the denim and it will last longer, the colors will stay darker if you want them to. Don’t wash them every time you wear them, either. Also, if you don’t want to wreck the bottoms, hem them. I see way too many people walking around without their jeans hemmed and the bottoms completely rip out. Most people like to wear their jeans and make them fit like their own, jeans will mold to your body. The more you wear them, the more you get dirty in them, the better they are!

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