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What is Rockstar? Rockstar was born out of a never say die attitude and a belief that being a rockstar is an attitude not necessarily reserved for musicians only. A rockstar to us is someone who has an iconoclastic approach to the world. Rockstars follow their own path and do things their way.

You can't get more Rockstar than Fergie!

Ciara wearing Rockstar Tiedye Biker Jeans

Christina Applegate Dancing like a Rockstar with Ellen

Jay-Z performing in Rockstar Biker Jeans

Where would apparel history be without some French flare from the South of France? Combined, Frank Mechaly and his family have been in the denim business for over 100 years. Frank spent most of his early days in denim factories experimenting on designs using scraps of denim. So, it was no surprise that at the age of 17, Frank began to design Blanc Bleu, D.D.P., H.Landers, & Seven7. With denim in his DNA, and more design experience than most his seniors, his young spirit and determination quickly drove additional success. The creation of Texola and Culture Couture established him as a recognized denim designer, and in 2003 he moved to the United States. In the land of opportunity, he started working with his family on the Blue Cult line but was eager to go off on his own. In 2004, with his European notoriety as a designer, his good looks and French charm he launched his own brand 575 Denim. Celebrities J.Lo, Cameron Diaz and Lenny Kravitz embraced the brand and 575 quickly became the must have for fashionistas worldwide. Today, the independent spirit that drove Mechaly is as alive as it was in his early days in France. Once again with a fresh, passionate and true designer approach - he delivers. We invite you to watch as he bounces back with his best line yet - RockStar.


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