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Born in France, originating from Italy, Jimmy Taverniti launched in Europe the "American Vintage Style" in the 80's. Jimmy interpreted this signature style as sophisticated fabrications with attention to detailing. The vintage inspiration drives him to create and to experiment new wash techniques as well as dyes processes. From the beginning, Jimmy strongly believed that the modern relax sportswear look of vintage fashion would become a way of life. He was right: Jimmy is one of the first contemporary designers to achieve this worn chic look.

All fabrics are studied in order to be specially tested. Silk, denim and leather are favorites. Indigo dyes, natural pigments, discoloration are some of the techniques favored in the TAVERNITI Collection. In 2004, Jimmy and his old friend Paul Guez (founder of Sasson jeans) joined forces to launch “TAVERNITI SO JEANS”. This denim collection gives Jimmy the opportunity to expand his Vintage touch into a pure Contemporary Jean line.


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