Skinny, ankle-cropped, boyfriend,… every season brings "the must-have" jeans style, which makes it frustrating to keep up with the never ending new jeans brands and trends. If you want to curate your jeans collection, you only need these 3 styles; Yes, I know that you most likely already own about 27 pairs of jeans in all shapes, length and shades of blue. From a skinny dark denim pair that you can wear on date-night to a fancy bar, to your comfy faded and distressed boyfriend jeans, here are the 3 types of jeans that we recommend you always have in your wardrobe:

1. My week starts on the weekend

Boyfriend jeans. I love the boyfriend or ex-boyfriend jeans, a little bit rigid denim, with about 1 or 2% stretch but loose fitting with a mid-rise and enough room in the hem to do my own roll-up. I've seen it worn with an over the shoulder french terry sweatshirt, or a just a plain graphic tee, and it looked really cool, while being relaxed and nonchalant.

2. Hurry, last minute drinks after work!

Dark & skinny jeans. You can never go wrong with skinny jeans, and you cannot look bad in any type of dark indigo or overdyed black skinny jeans. And if you get invited at the last minute for a fancy cocktail, throw on a sparkly top with those dark jeans, a lipstick refresh,  and out you go!

3. The jeans that got you a compliment from a good looking stranger.

Distressed Ankle-crop jeans: With a pair of high heels, and a simple top these skinny jeans make you feel on top of the world, as they elongate your silhouette, and showcase all your assets, including your superb taste for shoes. You get 2 for the price of one. One of my favorite looks.

Now you can throw away the rest - just kidding. If you are missing any of the above, you can find them on our site. 


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