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J169 Low Down - Leg Opening 20"

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Streetwear has never looked this good. Show the modern generation the true meaning of swag with a pair of J169 Low Downs. 

Do you love the look of JNCO’s wide leg styles, like Kangaroos with 32” leg openings and Crimes Scenes with 50” leg openings, but you’re not sure if you could pull off the style in your day-to-day life? Afraid of tripping on those insane legs? Nervous to go to Grandma’s with pants big enough to house a small army? If you want to dip your toes into the wide leg game without going as big as it gets, J169 Low Downs are right up your alley. With 20” leg openings, they’re a whole lotta comfort at just the right width.

Made in Mexico with 100% cotton denim in a light stone wash, these are classic blue jeans with the perfect touch of bagginess and comfort. A unique stretch JNCO crown logo is embroidered on the back pocket, with a JNCO Low Down label on the coin pocket. With decorative stitching and signature JNCO trims, J169 Low Downs are a must-have pair of baggy jeans for your modern streetwear collection. The same quality and style you know and love from back in the day, now available for purchase.


  • Made in Mexico
  • 100% Cotton
  • Light stone wash denim
  • JNCO logo embroidery on back pocket
  • JNCO lowdown label on coin pocket
  • Loose relaxed fit for comfort
  • Signature JNCO trims
  • Inseam 32" and 34" available

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Color: Light Stone Wash

Item Fit / Dimensions: 12X9X1

Made In: United States

Shipped From: United States

Lead Time: 5 - 7 days

Fit & Leg Style:

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